March 19, 2020

Dear Provider/Patient:

We know there’s a lot of concern right now about the spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, across the country.  During this time of global concern, it is important to remember that everyone’s overall health is important to us.

We have been closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and we are following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local health authorities to ensure we have the right plans and resources in place to safeguard your health and well-being. Based on the CDC guidance, our facility will remain open and will maintain normal business operations to serve our patients.

We are committed to taking extra precautions to maintain a safe and healthy environment to keep all patients, visitors, and staff members protected. Here are some of the steps we are taking and some steps we are asking of you to ensure we are all being proactive to help reduce the risk of potential exposure.

What we are doing:

  1. Taking extra time to clean, disinfect, and wipe down hard surfaces throughout the day, such as: desktops, phones, door handles, light switches, chairs, faucets, scan table, etc.
  2. Added day of service from cleaning company.
  3. Providing hand sanitizer and tissues in the bathroom(s), as well as, disinfectant soap in the bathrooms.
  4. Using disposable gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) as required or needed.
  5. Practicing social distancing, healthy hand hygiene, avoidance of touching eyes, nose, and mouth, covering cough or sneeze with a tissue and then discarding in the trash.
  6. Working with multiple medical supply chains to ensure sites are stocked with approved disinfecting and PPE equipment.
  7. When confirming patient appointments, we are performing a telephone health screening to determine if patients or anyone with whom they are in regular contact with are in a risk category, and if so, we are rescheduling their appointment for at least 14 days later.
  8. Asking employees to stay home if they are not feeling well.

What we ask of you – Notify your Patients of the following:

  1. Please do not bring more than one person with you to accompany you to your appointment
  2. Please follow social distancing when at the center by staying 6 feet away from others when you can
  3. Please stay home if you or anyone close to you is sick

Public health experts have indicated that the coronavirus is spreading more rapidly in the United States, and have emphasized the steps that people should take regardless of whether they are at heightened risk for the disease.  Currently, the best advice for protecting your health remains to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth; disinfect frequently-touched objects and practice appropriate social distancing.  Individuals at higher risk should consider limiting time spent outside the home.

Guidelines and recommendations from the CDC are updated regularly.  Please visit this website for the most recent information –

Thank you for your assistance as we do our best to care for your patients and implement preventative actions to minimize the spread of any illnesses.

Please feel free to call (256)350-6364 or email us at with any questions.


Decatur Health Imaging, LLC